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Located in the South Lake District. Expert in fine antique Clockwork

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Cumbria Clocks is the region's premier antique clock repair shop. We have a wealth of knowledge with antique clockwork and repairs are carried out to the very highest standard. Your treasured clock will be serviced and repaired in our fully equipped workshop where only the best craftsmanship and tools are used. Antique clocks can be entrusted to us for attention. No shortcuts are taken, you can be sure your clock will be repaired to the highest standard. Over many years Graham has honed his clockmaking skills and is expert in conservation techniques with old clockwork. He is an Accredited Member of the British Horological Institute and a Professional Member of the British Watch and Clockmakers Guild. Cumbria Clocks is expert in complicated clock repair. You can be sure that your clock will receive the best attention Cumbria Clocks is a 'Pride in the job' Company and only the best outcome will do!

Quality Clock Restoration & Repair by a Professional Member of the British Horological Institute

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 I always get enormous satisfaction when a clock I've repaired is working properly again.


Cumbria Clocks has 30 years experience in the repair and restoration of quality Domestic House Clocks made between the 17th & 20th centuries. Here at Cumbria Clocks all types of clock are catered for. Whether your clock has complicated strike or repeat work or has quarter chiming or a simple timepiece the expertise to revive it can be found here. Cumbria Clocks are also expert in the repair and conservation of Longcase clocks {Grandfather Clocks} and are familiar with the regional differences one finds in these mechanisms {especially Northern Longcase Clocks}. We are also the North's number one in the repair of French Clocks made in the 19th century. Graham Powis is an accredited member of the British Horological Institute {MBHI}. Also a member of the British Watch & Clockmakers Guild. Cumbria Clocks has been entrusted with the restoration of some of the rarest and historically important clocks still in existence today.

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A selection of clocks repaired in our workshop. Click on an image for more details

Country Cottage Longcase Clock
Country Cottage Longcase Clock

These types of clock are my personal favourite. Especially when they've one hand like this example by William Burton of Kendal many are now over 300 years old. In Cumbria we are lucky enough to have some fine examples of these clocks. If cared for they will outlast you and the person you bequeath the clock to. Most are quite rightly treated as members of the family.

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Antique clock conservation
Antique clock conservation

Probably more than anything else you own your Antique Clock is a story book from the past. Signatures and dates are often found and always documented. Pictured here is an inscription showing the clock number and the year it was made, The 'H P' denotes Henry Philipson of Ulverston. The Philipson's were trained by Jonas Barber of Winster and carried on numbering clocks in the same way the Barber dynasty had done. Careful cleaning is essential if this beautiful inscription is to remain intact

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Skeleton clock
Skeleton clock

Skeleton Clocks have many forms, most are timepieces often having a 'passing strike', This example has quarter striking.

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Striking fusee bracket clock
Striking fusee bracket clock

These clocks are the very best of English Clock Work. They were popular with the 'well to do' in the Georgian & Victorian era.

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Fusee Wall Clock
Fusee Wall Clock

Many of these clocks still survive today. These often have the title 'School or Railway' clocks. They could often be found at railway stations or in the old schools both long since vanished. These clocks require the fusee tension setting up properly if they are to be good timekeepers.

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Long case or Grandfather  Clock
Long case or Grandfather Clock

In Cumbria {formerly Westmorland & Cumberland} there are surviving examples of these clocks from the 18th & 19th century. If you are lucky enough to own one of these lovely clocks look no further than Cumbria Clocks for their care and conservation.

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Vienna Wall Clock
Vienna Wall Clock

These weight driven clocks were beautifully made. Care is needed when servicing as parts are fragile. Don't leave their care to chance?

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Bring your fine clocks to us!
Bring your fine clocks to us!

This particular clock is a rare survivor. The clock is a 17th century bracket clock with a verge escapement. We are expert in fine clock work, bring your treasured clock to us for attention.

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My first priority is 100% customer satisfaction. There is so much more to repairing a clock than just making it tick again. Many clocks repaired in the workshop are approaching 300 years old! It is vital that any intervention does not alter the original clockmaker's work. Many of the Longcase Clocks {Grandfather Clocks} that pass through the workshop have signatures of past repairers scribed more than 250 years ago, These are always documented and every part of a Client's clock is examined meticulously. We are very knowledgeable with regards to 19th Century French clockwork and expert in the repair of these beautiful clocks. Don't leave it to chance, if you'd like advice call us for a chat. Clocks are my passion, Cumbria Clocks is the best clock repair shop in the North of England. We have many customers in the Lake District, Ulverston and Kendal areas but many from Lancashire and Yorkshire too. I know how much my Customer's love their clocks, knowing that I am determined to do the job right!


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